Description Desktop/Nearfield Speaker System
Dimensions (WxHxD) [mm] 116 x 190 x 134
Dimensions (WxHxD) [“] 4.56 x 7.48 x 5.27
Free-field frequency range (-3dB) 62Hz – 21kHz
Tweeter µA.M.T.
Woofer 75mm/3″
Cross-over frequency 4800Hz
Maximum SPL @ 1m 94dB
Number of amplifiers 4
Output power (woofer) 30W
Output power (mid-driver)
Output power (tweeter) 30W
Protection limiter
Volume -inf. – +6dB
System volume (Satellites & Sub)
Subwoofer volume
High-shelf filter (-5dB – +3dB) > 3kHz
Mid EQ (-3dB – +3dB)
Desk filter boost (0dB – +3dB)
Desk filter cut (0dB – -5dB)
Position filter
Low-shelf filter (-5dB – +3dB) < 300Hz
LED brightness setting
Input select Analog/Optical/USB
Level lock dip switch
Filter lock dip switch
Woofer-change dip switch
Input level dip switch +8dBu/+22dBu
Standby dip switch locks cont. mode
Satellite filter dip switch 80Hz high-pass filter
Phase inversion
Switchable Satellite filter
Variable Subwoofer filter
Remote control
XLR in (impedance)
RCA in (impedance) Left-Right (10k)
Digital optical in TOSLink
USB in Type B
RCA subwoofer out
XLR in left (impedance)
XLR in right (impedance)
XLR in LFE (impedance)
XLR out Satellite left (impedance)
XLR out Satellite right (impedance)
XLR out LFE (impedance)
Power consumption
Standby < 1W
Full output 110VA
Backmounting thread inserts
Mic stand thread insert
Weight [kg/lb.] Master: 1.9/4.19
Slave: 1.7/3.75
FlexiPad: 0.19/0.42


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